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      Over this long pandemic year,  I've bought countless masks, but   always found myself still on a constant quest for just the right one, a mask that     was sturdy, comfortable, and protective, of course, but also a covering that was distinctive and really pretty. A few weeks back, I was deciding on the fabric patterns that would adorn the slipcase and cover of the 2022 edition of  The French Country Diary, and was surrounded by my extensive collection of Provençal fabrics from the venerable Les Olivades company in Saint-Etienne-du-Grès.  Among the gorgeous swatches were classic French Country prints, geometric patterns and figurative Toiles de Jouy in striking colors and styles. And I remember thinking, "Now these fabrics would make really beautiful masks!"  And so, at last, they have, commissioned from and beautifully crafted by an expert local seamstress.
My "French Country Masks" debut in these early days of spring.  The masks come in two styles and a variety of patterns. One style  is a pleated mask that can fit comfortably over a KN95 mask (if you prefer to wear double masks) and covers much of your face below your eyes; and the other style is a smooth, slightly domed mask that fits comfortably over a surgical mask, and also covers your face from the top of your nose to below your chin. All masks have an interior pocket where you can slip in a filter (I cut a rectangle from a surgical mask or a coffee filter and insert it into the pocket) for extra protection. And both styles have adjustable ear loops, and come with a sleek mask lanyard handmade in Maine by a cool little company called Necktrr (  The adjustable lanyard hooks onto the mask's ear loops and can be fastened behind your head to take pressure off your ears. The lanyard holds the mask comfortably around your neck when not in use. No need to stuff it in your purse or pocket, hang it on your ear, or toss it onto the passenger seat of your car.   
The pleated masks come in classic red, blue, or yellow Provençal prints. The domed masks are available in green or blue Toile de Jouy; and in a silky blue and white striped pattern with tiny red and yellow accents. (All masks are 100% cotton with the exception of the last blue and white mask, which has a taffeta exterior layer in a rayon blend, and an all-cotton interior lining.)
The masks are $25 each, shipping included. (Sorry, no credit cards.)
To order, please send me an email at: to reserve the mask or masks of your choice. Then send a check for the total amount (# of masks x $25) made out to Linda Dannenberg, and send to: Linda Dannenberg, Arts & Style Publishing, P.O. Box 495, Katonah NY 10536. If you have any questions, please call me at 914-232-9451.
Here are the French Country Face Mask choices:
Pleated masks: red, blue, or yellow Provençal prints
Flat, domed masks: blue Toile de Jouy; green Toile de Jouy; blue-and-white striped taffeta-texture with red accents; floral border fabric design
All masks $25, including shipping.
Extra mask lanyards by Necktrr can be ordered separately, $15 for a 3-pack.
      Stay safe, stay healthy, stay beautiful!  À bientôt!     

Here a subtle green-striped cotton lines the interior of the exuberantly patterned Les Olivades border fabric that graces the mask's exterior.
Three beautiful masks in three classic Provençal prints in vibrant red, yellow and blue fabrics by Les Olivades are packaged and ready to go from the French Country Diary team. These masks will brighten everyone's day!
The 2021 edition of the FRENCH COUNTRY DIARY, is an annual treasure published by Abrams Books.  Created by noted lifestyle and design writer Linda Dannenberg, with dazzling photographs by esteemed French decorative arts photographer Guillaume de Laubier, this sought-after  engagement calendar, a true collectible for so many long-time fans,  also serves as design inspiration and a travel guide to the more than 25,000 passionate Francophiles who never start the New Year without it. Extensive "Sources" pages provide detailed information and travel contacts for locations featured in the 58 photographs. Available online from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 
The French Country Diary 2022 -- our 34th edition! --  debuts in August 2021. Available at bookstores, gift shops and design stores throughout the U.S., and from
The interior hard-cover of our 2021 edition of the French Country Diary is embellished by an elegant, linen-textured blue floral print from the famed Provençal textile company, Les Olivades.
On a summer day, we stroll Deaville's umbrella-dotted beach at sunset.

The elegant slipcase of the French Country Diary's 33rd edition features a vibrant yellow and  blue Provençal pattern with a classic contrasting border from the historic archives of Les Olivades, the venerable French fabric company in Saint-Etienne-du Grès. Within the slipcase lies a linen-textured hardcover book in a handsome blue floral and subtle stripe pattern, which displays the year ‘2021' in a decorative medallion. Vintage typography and fifty-eight evocative new photographs by renowned Paris photographer Guillaume de Laubier enhance the captivating design of this unique engagement calendar.

Each of the week-at-a-glance spreads offers a vignette of the French countryside, including gardens, private homes, villages and inspiring landscapes.This year's edition of the much-loved Diary takes you from the wild beauty of Normandy's Cotentin Peninsula, with its historic ports and hidden gardens, to Provence with its fragrant seasonal markets. Throughout the year we visit some of France's most beautiful private homes full of fabulous design ideas -- a chic Pierre Frey living room; a charming Giverny-inspired kitchen; and the romantic gardens of the 17th-century Chateau de Vauville on Normandy's west coast. And of course we go to Paris, one winter's day under a magical dusting of snow; in the spring admiring the sculpted friezes of the Napoleonic-era Luxembrourg Palace, and  splurging on a gastronomic holiday dinner at the opulent neoclassical Le Grand Véfour.
Ample space for notes, a ribbon marker, and address pages enhance this unique calendar.    Design elements are as handsome as ever. Lush four-color endpapers, generous space for jotting daily notes, a ribbon stitched in to mark each week, and back matter that includes decorative address pages are what the Diary’s worldwide legion of fans have come to expect.

LINDA DANNENBERG is the author of 12 books exploring French lifestyle and design. GUILLAUME DE LAUBIER is one of France's foremost decorative arts photographers.

Decorative mini-calendars at the back of the Diary let you see the current year and the next at a glance.
Copies of earlier editions of the French Country Diary are still available for some years from Amazon and from

FOR INFORMATION ON ORDERING RETAIL COPIES OF THE FRENCH COUNTRY DIARY 2020 PLEASE CONTACT LINDA DANNENBERG AT:; Telephone: 914-232-9451; Arts & Style Publishing, P.O. Box 495, Katonah, NY 10536. Personally inscribed copies available upon request.